5 Tips for Photographing Kids

Simplify the Background

Shooting with a vacant & simple background is great. A photo with clear background could guide the viewers to focus their attention on the kids. If your phone has built-in portrait mode; use it to get the blurred backgrounds, simplify a busy scene, and emphasize kids’ facial features, movements, and expressions. 

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If the surroundings are too messy, photograph standing kids from a low angle or have them sit on the ground and shoot from a high angle so you could get rid of the messy background.

Shoot the Looking Up Photo

I love photos with kids looking up. These photos warm my heart and bring tons of happiness to me. Stand, cuddle your kids and have them look up at you. Or simply have them sit on the floor or a chair so you’ll be looking down on them.

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This is a good angle for taking a photograph and I like to call it the “daddy & mammy’s angle”. Your kids won’t stay little forever, therefore, the best option is to take as many photos as you can for keepsakes.

Photograph Close-Ups of Hands

Photographing close-ups are good. The kid’s hands, ears, and feet are valuable to capture. One way to photograph a close-up of a kid’s hand is against another person’s hand or an object that shows the actual size of your kid’s hand. We can know how small the kids’ hands are by comparison with the things around them when we look at these photos a few years later.

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Imagine that after the kid grew up as an adult, you look at these photos together and you will say “I used to hold this small hand to the playground…” The photos record specific moments in time in an accurate way. It helps jot our memories when the time or event becomes fuzzy in our minds.

Capture Natural Interaction

When I was a child, I get bored easily if I need to do a group photo or a family photo. But after being a mom, every time my kids embrace their grandpa and grandma, capturing that intimate moment is so sweet and beautiful to me.

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Photograph What You Feel

Sometimes we try to photograph what we think others might like so we have kids smile and tell them how to sit or stand. And sometimes we might even feel bad since we don’t take “good” photos. However, what makes photos precious is the images stir our emotions, feelings and touch our hearts after years.  So it would also be great if we just photograph what we feel. 

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It means being true to yourself when you are together with kids. You could also photograph the moment when you feel they are annoying. Photograph what you find interesting or lovely. This will create relaxed pictures and beautiful memories you’re going to want to cherish for years.

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6 Family Photo Posing Ideas

We all love family photos!  Capturing the happiness and the love matters when we photograph family portraits. But sometimes most of the family photos we take look the same…

That’s why we go into the 6 poses for family portraits! By using these poses, the photos show more love and connection to your family. They also add varieties to your family photos!

Arms Around Shoulders

This is the simplest one! I really love this one, since every time I look at the photos with this pose, they bring me back to the happy moment.

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This pose is great for all families that want to show intimacy and connection. Have your families get close and put their arms around each other. Looking at each other would also be great. Or have one person lean their heads onto the other person’s shoulder.

Walking away, Hand in Hand

Shooting from behind is good.  When the families are walking hand in hand and walking away from the camera, it seems to say “we are always together and look forward to our future.”

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This pose is good for the night shoot too. Especially at Christmas, the street light decorations add a happy atmosphere to the photos.

Rubbing Noses

Rubbing noses is a cute pose to use when you want to shoot something intimate between you and your adorable kids.

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When kids are being affectionated by rubbing your nose, that would be a precious moment that you can capture love and affection. Because after they grow up, it might be difficult for them to do this again.
If rubbing noses is too embarrassing for growing kids, pinching cheeks or pointing noses with each other are also good poses. Let’s give them a try!

Cuddle and hug each other

Have your families get close, have them hugging, hands wrapped, or leaning on the others.

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It would be better if you could find a vacant & simple background because a photo with clear background could guide the viewers to drop their attention upon the important part. Your families!

You can also get different angles of this same pose. Shoot full-length, mid-length, and close-up photos. It will bring more varieties to your family photos.

Laying down

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Laying down would be the least difficult pose. Actually, the difficult part might be making our bed organized… We recommend photographing the laying down pose while sleeping in a hotel 👍

Have a line. Hand in Hand.

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This pose is good for families with kids. It shows connection and a joyful atmosphere through hand-in-hand interaction.

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