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Artiv Photo Tiles

A mobile app that helps users to create 8”x8” photo tiles that (re) stick!

Our Mission

Our Story


Artiv Photo Tiles, a photo printing app that offers an innovative solution for users to get ready to stick photo tiles delivered straight to their doorsteps. The release of the app has added various distinctive features that no other apps offer: AI digital image processing, built-in filters that were designed by our talented team. Artiv Photo Tiles app is the most hassle-free method to create and order matchless print products from your phone.

With the advancement of technology, one of the best cameras has become a smartphone. In a so-called millennial age and saturated social media platforms; hence people no longer appreciate tangible photos like the previous generation of baby boomers. Thus, digital images are often left to perish in your phone, leaving you with nothing to hold between your fingertips.

Artiv Photo Tiles’ CEO Bruce Tsai conveys a couple of useful advice on why he has the vision to create this app:

Viewing images on a screen is one thing but physically holding a photograph is a gratifying experience. Photography was invented to turn moments and memories into pieces of happiness that people can hold onto forever.

Print It. Hold It. Experience It. Display It.


A simple yet elegant creation process that facilitates from photo customization to checkout in just a few taps. Turn your photos into real-life IG squares!


Our talented design department ensures our print products with inimitable quality and bespoke sensibility that no other app offers.

Mobile Interface

Snap, create and print photos from your mobile device. We have easy to use user interface to provide you with the best mobile experience.

ABOUT Artiv Photo Tiles

Artiv Photo Tiles team consists of diverse talents: graphic designers, photographers, mobile design team and regular folks. We are devoted to serving our users to print their photos and create wall art with ease. The founders are image processing engineers and have been in the industry for over two decades. Our team takes pride in our print products by developing an intelligent image processing algorithm to ensure the best image quality. Say goodbye to nails and hammer and hello Artiv Photo Tiles.

Just print it! Stick it on your wall. Move it around!

Artiv  is a free app available on the App Store & Google Play.

Create Your own Gallery Wall is Super Easy with Artiv Photo Tiles (How to and where)

You don’t have to be an artist to create your own gallery wall. Artiv Photo Tiles is a super simple mobile app that allows users to print out their favorite moments and turn them into stickable & re-stickable wall art that easily sticks to your walls.

Your favorite memories will become your favorite wall decorations that are movable without any damages to your walls. Here are some ideas for you to help you create modern and contemporary gallery wall and wall decors that everybody will be impressed with.

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Stick photo tiles on your stairway.
Stick Photo tiles on your stairway.


It’s an integral part of any home that should never be overlooked as an opportunity to inject a dose of style.

Tips: Present your family’s growth photos in a chronological fashion.

Stick Phototile behind your sofa.
Stick Photo tiles behind your sofa.

2.Behind the sofa

You can use this blank wall as a canvas to display your photos that capture a range of favorite memories.

Tips: Edit your photos to make them a black & white spread.

Stick Phototile on your living room wall.
Stick Photo tiles on your living room wall.

3.Living room wall

The living room needs to be functional and comfortable. It is the most cohesive and attractive place to hang Photo Tiles.

Tips: Arrange your photos at varying levels and heights—rather than in a single straight line.

Stick Phototile above your living room wall.
Stick Phototile above your living room wall.

4.Dresser top

Your dresser is a great place to be a pretty focal point of your bedroom.

Try to display Photo Tiles in a 3×3 layout, you don’t require any interior designer!

Tips: Ensure to leave some open space for easy viewing.

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What is Artiv Photo Tiles?


There are so many “photo tiles” out there on the market, how do you know which one is the best one to buy from? With so many companies, such as Freex Photo Tiles and Mtiles, are you sure you are getting the best value for your money?

Why choose Artiv Photo Tiles?

After multiple trial and error processes, we have finally figured out an affordable and high-quality product that we are proud to introduce into the market. Many photo tiles on the market are made with cheap styrofoam tiles that have exposed and unfinished foam on the sides.

Besides, for us to keep our photo tiles affordable for our users and future customers, it took us many years to finally come out with a perfect solution and product that has both smooth and solid sides.

Artiv Photo Tiles is not the first one to come out with photo tiles and will not be the last.

As you can see here Artiv Photo Tiles has over 5000+ reviews with an average of 4.8 stars. We are one of the few companies that continue to improve our products and services.

We did not improve our product for no reason, we did extended research and found out a lot of people who had bought photo tiles were unsatisfied with the unfinished and exposed foam sides. Therefore, we made the change.

However, to provide a better product to eliminate the problem with the sides, we had to suffer a cost increase within our production. But we did not pass down the cost increase to the users. We did not increase the price of our new and improved product. we have absorbed the cost as a company.

Artiv Photo Tiles is the only company that provides both smooth and solid photo tiles

As a result, we are proud to say that we are the only company that provides this unique product of re-stickable photo tiles with finished sides that are both smooth and solid. Moreover, our price stayed the same, just check out our website for more information:

Some of our competitors.

Competitor's tiles are heavier and use small square sticker. More prone to falling
Competitor’s tiles are heavier and use small square stickers. More prone to falling.
Photitile is rigid but ultralight than others.
Artiv Photo Tiles is rigid but lighter than others.
Just read one of the reviews. A tile close to 200 grams fell on a 4-month-old baby.

Artiv Photo Tiles Product Features

Besides smooth and solid sides, check out the product features we take pride in.

  1. Re-stickable photo tiles that do not require nails and/or hammer to display on your walls.
  2. 3 photo tiles for $28, each additional tile for $8.
  3. Free and fast shipping (with tracking number).
  4. Proudly made in the USA.