What you can do about Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend RIGHT NOW!

You’re not a guy who likes to settle — and neither is she. However, when February 14th comes around, no matter what you and your significant other decide to do, she will be looking forward to the surprise you prepared for her.

While red roses and chocolates are classics: Jewelry and pearl necklaces may be over your budget. Think outside the box with this unique Valentine’s Day gift for her.

Whether you and your significant other have been together for a lifetime or just started dating. Make Valentine’s Day unforgettable with this present: Artiv Photo Tiles that sticks to walls without any hassle. 

This product is perfect for your girlfriend, wife, or mom, which is a super thoughtful gift that will make them feel your love on Valentine’s Day.

Artiv Photo Tile is self-adhesive, and no more nails and holes on your wall. It’s perfect for wedding photos, favorite pet moments, vacation moments, and baby photos.

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Surprise her with these Artiv Photo Tiles,  display them in a 3×3 layout, you don’t need to be an interior designer.

Now you may be wondering why I said you can get this special gift ready right now? It’s better to be safe than sorry. The earlier you get your Valentine’s presents ready the faster you get to relax. Let me show you how to make the exclusive presents in 3 steps that are sure to impress your Valentine this year!

Step 1. Download and Open Artiv Photo Tiles APP

Step 2. Select Photos from different Media

You can select photos from your camera roll, Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, or our handpicked stock photos.


*The printing quality of the product depends on the resolution of the photos uploaded.

Please make sure your beauty’s photo resolution be at least 600 x 600 pixels, or she might be upset with the blurry and grainy print results.

Step 3. Edit Photos:  Cropping and Filters

On the Review & Adjust page, you could select any photo to adjust which part to be printed. We also provide filter function only in the app (not available on the website editing).


That’s it! Just wait for our FREE & FAST shipping.

Phototile® Photo Tiles is proudly made in the USA and shipping is always free.

This Valentine’s gift will make your loved one keep wearing a smile when seeing these photo decor.

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